Unique ways to store vinyl records

People appreciate work of art a lot nowadays. This has driven many towards the collection and showcasing of once the most popular hits in the world that were recorded in the form of vinyl records. These records can also be used in interior designing.


With the way in which the market values for vinyl records are rising, it is wise to invest in storage of the vinyl records. In the future most of this record will be rare and will be worth a fortune. This article will elaborate on how to store these records safely and use them for decorations.

How to handle vinyl records safely during cleaning, usage and storage?

How you are handling your records could be causing damages to it. When handling the vinyl records, never touch the inside part of the records since it may cause damage the records. If the records are dirty use a special record cleaning brush to dust off or use special record cleaning solutions. You should also keep your records in an upright position and avoid piling them since it may cause destructive pressure.

How to store vinyl records safely?

There are some rules that you should always follow when storing your records. Firstly is to ensure they are in their jackets or in material free of static electricity. The other one is to keep them away from direct sunlight, excessive temperature and pressure. The most preferable equipment to store your records in is the wooden ones rather than metallic ones due to effects of static electricity on the records. Your equipment should also be well spaced to allow air circulation in the records so as to control their temperatures.

How to decorate a house using vinyl records?

If you own some of the expensive records, you might want to display them. You can achieve this by using high-end furniture to display your records while still keeping them safe from destruction. Such furniture includes album shelf racks that are made by Tylko or their elegant wall units for vinyl records. The furniture you need will be made in your preferences and measurements. Alternatively you can flame your records and hang them on the walls or you can use album rails to place them in the walls


In conclusion, the works of great companies like Tylko are now influencing people with the best records storage to showcase them freely in their houses knowing they are safe.